Strategies That Work Social Studies and Technology

Watch this video and start and stop to explore all the resources linked below.

Rationale and Objectives for this Professional Learning


This professional development video lesson connects social science and technology with strategies that work.


Catching up and keeping up with good instructional strategies is a challenge for classroom teachers. This lesson will introduce teachers to new resources.

Outcomes After Watching the Video

  1. After watching the video lesson teachers will have new resources they can use with students.
  2. As a result of this lesson teachers will be able to more efficiently use technology in the classroom.
  3. After this lesson teachers will be able to share what they have learned with colleagues.
Online Resources Featured in this Lesson

Resources and Tutorials

The sschat

The archives from the #sschat

Specific #sschat

Meet the History Geek

The map game

Map Creator

Scribble Maps

Map your list connect spreadsheet data to maps

Teaching with topographical maps

Lessons from USGS

Mystery Skype

Street view of Mt. Everest

Virtual reality in the classroom

Watch a video about virtual reality

Google expeditions

Google cardboard

Get Google Cardboard

Build Google Cardboard yourself

Help with Google Cardboard

Newsela for current events

Video Choices free video collection

NY Times weekly current events quiz

All about explorers

Fifty States notebook

State box project

State bird map

Google cultural institute

Google Cultural institute collections

Google historical moments

Google World Wonders

Tour a palace today

Library of Congress

Library of Congress collections

Virtual field trips

Skype in the Classroom

Amazon Inspire coming soon

Discussion Questions

Review or Dissemination Question

  1. Twitter is a great source for personal professional development. Are you currently using Twitter in this way? Please explain why or why not.
  2. How are you currently using technology in the classroom?
  3. A number of mapping websites were introduced select two of the resources and compare and contrast the websites.
  4. Which of the USGS lessons could you use with students?
  5. In the restructured novel study about Peak which of the resources would you like to explore more deeply?
  6. What are your thoughts or question about virtual reality in the classroom?
  7. How would you explain Google Cardboard to someone?
  8. Which of the current event websites will you research more deeply?
  9. What is one student project you would like to restructure?
  10. Select one additional resource and share how you will use it with students.