Strategies That Work Mathematics

Watch the video stopping starting to explore all the resources. The links are listed below.

Rationale and Objectives for this Professional Learning


This video lesson is part of the series Strategies That Work. After watching this video lesson you will have practical strategies for the math classroom utilizing technology in the classroom.


This video is needed to help all math teachers save time while they are integrating technology.

Outcomes After Watching the Video

  1. After this video lesson the teacher will be able to restructure lessons and assignments to make use of technology.
  2. Teachers will have new tools and resources to use immediately in the classroom after watching this video.
  3. As a result of watching this lesson, teachers will have resources to share with colleagues.
Online Resources Featured in the Video

Resources and Tutorials


Calculator for area

Quadratic Root Calculator

Ten of the best apps

More calculators


Math Snacks

Common Sense Media games

Math Blogs

Nine Math Blogs


The Us Census information

At home math practice elementary

A Ted Talk by Conrad Wolfram

Math manipulatives and ed tech

Fourth Grade Teacher sharing resources

Stanford Project


Fixed or Growth Mindset in Math|ExtLnk|20160901|EdWeek|MATH180|eNews|FindOut||728×90|MindsetQuiz

The Math Spot

Amazon and growth mindset

Mathematical Mindsets

Math with Matthew math videos

The teaching channel

Math Mashups

Ten Marks an Amazon company

The Khan Academy

Algebra 2 Twitter chat information and contacts

Photomath to solve problems

Wolfram Alpha to compute almost anything

Discussion Questions

Review or Dissemination Question

  1. How are you currently using technology in the classroom?
  2. What apps, websites, or technology do you have access to?
  3. Currently is your math series online, if so how are you using that resource?
  4. What are your thoughts about how many different calculators are available online?
  5. After watching this lesson, how will you restructure your lessons using technology?
  6. A lot of teachers do not know about the PhotoMath app, what are your thoughts about the free app and how will it change your instruction?
  7. Specifically what is one of the resources you will explore in more depth?
  8. What is your plan to disseminate this information to your colleagues?
  9. Out of all the resources shared, which ones do you think your students will be interested in?
  10. Where will you start for tomorrow’s math class?