Strategies That Work for Science Teachers Using Technology

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Watch this video stopping and starting as needed.

Rational and Outcomes for this Professional Learning


This video lesson is filled with practical strategies for teachers interested in integrating technology into the science classroom.


This video is needed for science teachers to catch up and keep up with the resources found online.

Outcomes After Watching the Video

  1. After watching the video lesson teachers will have new resources to use with students.
  2. Teachers will have fresh new ideas for the science classroom after watching this video.
  3. After completing this lesson teachers will have a collection of resources to share with colleagues.
Discussion Forum for Science and Technology

Please add your comments in the forum and read and respond to two additional posts.

Online Resources Referenced in the Video

Resources and Tutorials

Sugar Kills Blog

The Middle Web

Calorie Counter website

Cluster Map


The Voice Company

An area calculator

PhotoMath app

Wolfram Alpha

Flickr for images

Google Classroom

Science Daily


Explore Learning Gizmos

An article about computer science


NGSS projects

Ask Smithsonian

Ambitious science teaching

The gallery

Biology resources

Flip Quiz

Go Formative



Discussion Questions

Review or Dissemination Question

  1. Why did the students start the blog
  2. What is a Cluster map and how are they used?
  3. What is Kiva, and how can your students get involved?
  4. What is the Voice Company trying to do, and why?
  5. What are your thoughts about the app PhotoMath?
  6. How could you use the website WolframAlpha?
  7. Why is Twitter important for professional development?
  8. Of all the resources, what is one that you will introduce to students and why?
  9. What are your thoughts about the cell cake project?
  10.  Which of the formative assessment website will you try with students?