Strategies That Work for Librarians and Media Center Directors

Rationale and Objectives for this Professional Learning


This is a professional development lesson about current trends with technology in the media center.


It is a challenge to find specific professional development for librarians and media center directors, therefore we created this module.

Outcomes After Watching the Video

  1. After this module the participants will be able to research a variety of resources.
  2. As a result of this lesson participants will be able to disseminate resources to colleagues.
  3. After the lesson participants will have new resources to share with students.
Resources From the Video

The School Library Journal

Breakout Edu

Common Lit

Five ways libraries are adapting for the future

Go Guardian

Skype in the Classroom

Your Paper Brain and Kindle Brain

A great reading strategies book



Renovated Learning

Genius hour

An article about genius hour

Getting started with genius hour

Genius hour resources

The Show Me librarian

Skokie Library Boombox

Watch a video about the Boombox

Library Girl

STEM resources

Pinterest STEM resources

Simply STEM resources


Robots Kitchen

STEAM pop-up programs

Discussion Questions
  1. What is happening currently with technology in the media center?
  2. What are three specific things you would like to change about the physical space?
  3. What programming would you like to change?
  4. Scheduling is such a challenge, what would you like to change about yours?
  5. How are you currently using social media for personal professional development?
  6. After watching this lesson, what are your thoughts about BreakoutEDU?
  7. What are your ideas for creating a makerspace?
  8. How could Genius Hour become part of the media center?
  9. What are three specific resources you will share with colleagues?
  10. What is happening with STEM/STEAM in your building and how would you like to change?

Course Content