Strategies That Work for ELL Learners

Watch the video and pause to explore. All the resources are listed below.

Rationale and Objectives for this Professional Learning


This is a video presentation specifically designed for teachers working with ELL learners and technology.


Finding specific professional development for teachers that work with ELL is a challenge, this professional development presentation helps to fill that gap.

Outcomes After Watching the Video

  1. After the presentation teachers will be able to share technology resources with students.
  2. After the video lesson teachers will have dozens of resources to explore in more depth.
  3. After the video lesson teachers will be connected to other ELL teachers and resources through social media.
Online Resources Highlighted in the Video

Participate in a Twitter chat

Join the ELL Facebook page

Larry Ferlazzo THE ELL and technology expert

Larry’s best websites of the day

Larry’s best videos for ELL learners

Mind Mapping resources

Mind mapping top picks

Google Story Builder

Peanut gallery films

Create greeting cards

iFake Suri

Create an explanation video

Fake Facebook page

Create movie text

Create a venn diagram

Create a classroom Twister

Create a five card Flickr

The art of storytelling

Create a PixiClip

Jeopardy Labs



Create a movie

Example movies

Create a comic

Create a comic

Create a Scribble Map

Map your list

Read about the use of Google Translate

Help for translating a document

Discussion Questions

Review or Dissemination Question

  1. In a few sentences explain what a Twitter chat is and how you could use this format for personal professional development.
  2. Who is one of the leaders in ELL and technology?
  3. What is Google Story Builder and how could you use this with students?
  4. How are you currently using Google Docs, Slides, Forms and Sheets with your students?
  5. Pick on of the iFake websites and explain how you could use this with students.
  6. The Class Tools website has many different resources, what is one tool you would like to use with students.
  7. Explain what Padlet is and how you could use it with students.
  8. What are your thoughts about using Google Translate in the way The Tempered Radical blog explained?
  9. What are three resources you will share with your team?
  10. How will you use social media to continue your professional development?