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Meg Ormiston has launched the course pages for Tech Teachers, Inc. She will be inviting other course creators to join her as requests for courses continue to grow.

Meg Ormiston — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

The original Tech Teachers website was launched way back in 1999 and over the years it has been redesigned and reimagined. Now remote learning, blended learning, hybrid learning, are all realities of 2020. We have redesigned the website to offer on demand professional learning on a wide variety of topics. Explore our courses and let us know how we can help you reach your goals.

Meet Meg!

Meg Ormiston, in her role as a consultant, partners with school systems that have committed to 21st century learning experiences for everyone. Meg creates a unique partnership in each district, reflecting the mission, vision, and direction that local leaders identify. Her districtwide projects include guiding teams through the visioning process, designing and delivering professional development, facilitating classroom modeling, developing student leaders in technology, and educating parents.

Meg is the lead author in the NOW Classrooms series of five books all published in 2018. The books, written by 27 practicing educators, are organized into grade bands of k-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and leadership guide. The NOW Classrooms: Lessons for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology books are practical and sequence technology skills k-12. The 3-5 NOW book was awarded a Teachers Choice Award by Learning Magazine. Also, Meg was named as “2018’s Most Influential People in EdTech” by Tech and Learning Magazine.

After twelve years teaching and coaching in the classroom, Meg volunteered on her local school board, facilitated grant projects, and continued researching and writing about best practices.

To learn more about Meg’s work, follow @megormi on Twitter using the #NOWclassrooms hashtag

What Our Students Have to Say

Your Remote Learning 2.0 course was exactly what I needed to prepare for remote learning in the fall of 2020. Thank you Meg!
From Chicago, USA
Your From Panic to Practical: Remote Learning Done Right course was Exactly what I needed after being on leave last year. Thank you for your practical suggestions and positive encouragement as I face remote learning for the first time.
From Indiana
All the courses I have taken with Meg have been upbeat and practical, I appreciate her positive message about change in education.
From Virginia
I just started the course From Panic to Practical Remote Learning Done Right! and after just one session I feel more prepared for remote learning. I am looking forward to the other four lessons.
From Virginia