Learning About the Importance of Visual Content


I am doing some research today about the importance of  using visual content and social media. The reading is fascinating! What I am really learning is that I have a lot of work ahead of me. If you want to learn more check out these three helpful resources.

How to create visual content

10 Reasons visual content will dominate 2014

4 tips for making visual content go viral

Visual content and slideshare

Exploring BaseCamp to Organize a Huge Project

I am helping my friend Angela Maiers organize a huge Choose2Matter movement and I was stuck in so many details I could not see a way to organize everything. Lots of people want to help with the project, but the details and ideas were scattered everywhere. I immediately thought Google Docs. Great I can handle that I thought. I started collecting everything and I started hyperlinking this document to that one and I soon created a connected mess with no organization system.

A quick Google search for project management brought me to lots of options, but I settled on Basecamp I’m so glad I did, I love what I see. The great people at Basecamp offer this FREE to teachers, and you need to check it out! It interfaces great with Google Docs, but it has the discussions and to-do lists that I think are exactly what a teacher needs to manage a digital classroom.

I will be using Basecamp for at least the next few months. I will keep you posted about what I learn and I very interested to compare and contrast this experience to the new Classroom by Google. This is stretching my thinking, and I love it!

Students Creating Projects

I continue on my mission to help teachers move beyond the worksheets! Students should be creating, building producing and publishing their own original work with the help of technology. I read an interesting blog post on Mindshift about this topic.  I agree students need to express themselves and share their talents with the world. Now I just need to convince the teachers everywhere that student produced work is much more exciting than another worksheet on the bulletin board!

I have a big job ahead of me!

Blogging Helped!

Some days writing is easier than on other days. Yesterday I was stuck in the introduction and I was driving myself crazy trying to word smith. I took a break and wrote a quick blog post that helped me refocus and redirect my energy. Maybe that actually is called metacognition as I thought about my own thinking… Whatever it is called it worked. I’m wrapping up the introduction today and I am back on track!

Stuck in the Introduction

Yikes, this is not good! I pulled up the three chapters I have roughly written for my next book and I was all set to polish them up a little and zip them over to my developmental editor at my publisher Solution Tree. My plan is not going very well.

The way I approach writing a book is a plow through and write. Then I let it sit before I try and clean up my writing. So here I am in spring cleaning mode and I can’t even plow through the first few pages.

I am trying to grab the audience, and create the next bestseller. Yet there is so much to say I am having trouble sequencing everything, or getting anything into the computer. I have the table of contents I wrote months ago, but somehow that is not helping me at the moment.

I think I will go back to basics and focus on the three key elements in the book pedagogy, technology, and change knowledge. I’m off to see if I can get this party started!

Back From Iowa and Off On the Next Road Trip

I returned from Estherville Iowa late Friday night, I quickly played the part of the Easter bunny, and then back in the car for a great day of professional development in Ashland IL today. Back home tonight with my feet up I started to reflect on the road trip adventure and the Choose2Matter Live event. Our small but mighty team reached over 1500 students and their families, it was really an amazing two day event! Start by checking out the news and after I catch up with email I will share more thoughts.

Siouxland School District Puts Passion of Students Front and Center

Estherville Students Choose2Matter

Choose2Matter Should Be an Every Day Event


engage students

#YouMatter Adventure

Tomorrow I am off on an official road trip with my friend of over 30 years Marcel Pacatte @mpacatte This is going to be an adventure for the record books! We are driving 7.5 hours to the Northwestern tip of Iowa to a tiny town named Estherville to watch @angelamaiers work her magic with her amazing #youmatter movement. We will be Twittering throughout the event. We can’t wait to see 1400 students in action solving real problems. I will create a reflection post when we return!